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Point of Sale Installation

Deploying a new POS system is not as simple as purchasing new equipment and plugging it in. Your POS system needs to be installed and configured by professionals who know their way around this technology. With more than 10 years of experience in Point of Sale installations, Access Technologies Solution experts are ready to help with

Consultation Phase

  • Choosing a Point of Sale system that suites your specific business needs

  • Ensures seamless operation of both software and hardware

  • End to End transaction encryption 

Planning Phase

  • Network Ready Assessment (Site Survey)

  • Equipment Ordering

  • Installation Scheduling

Installation Phase

  • Router/Firewall configuration

  • Point of Sale Configuration

  • Ensure everything is working seamless

Ongoing Support

  • Support Point of Sale Hardware

  • Dedicated Point of Sale Expert (POSE)

  • 24/7 Point of Sale Support


We will make sure your Point of Sale up and running before our technician leaves your location. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff will assist your business through the entire process, allowing you to focus on your customers and employees. Let Access Technologies Solution be your POS installation and support partner.

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